Fastening Solutions to Save You Time and Money

What Makes Hodell-Natco Unique?

Hodell-Natco is an industrial fastener supplier specializing in inventory management, supply chain efficiency and value. We partner with our manufacturing and construction customers to provide creative fastening solutions that save them time and reduce their costs.

Customer Success Philosophy

Every decision we make is with goal of helping our customers succeed— whatever it takes!

Hodell-Natco - Vendor-Managed Inventory - Improve Efficiency
Cost Savings

Our fastening solutions improve the efficiency of your supply chain and provide both upfront and long-term savings.

Hodell-Natco - Vendor-Managed Inventory - Improve Efficiency
VMI Experts

Our proficiency in vendor-managed inventory programs saves time, lowers inventory expenses, ensures quality, and guarantees no stock outs.

Hodell-Natco - Vendor-Managed Inventory - Improve Efficiency
Value-Added Services

Customized services that save you time and improve your bottom line — at no extra charge.

Hodell-Natco - Vendor-Managed Inventory - Improve Efficiency

What Customers Say About Hodell-Natco

“They (Hodell-Natco) save us money on material costs that range from $70,000 to $100,000 each year. In terms of hard and soft cost savings, in just the first year, Hodell-Natco saved us around a quarter million dollars. They look for ways to make our business better. I can’t say enough about that!”

Robert F.
Junior Buyer

“Hodell-Natco’s customer service is unbelievable. Whether it’s their sales team, VMI experts, or the president of the company, I usually get a call back or my question answered in five minutes. That’s incredible service!”

Robert O.
Purchasing Manager

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