Hodell-Natco - Testimonials
Hodell-Natco - Testimonials
Our goal as a supplier is to make sure our customers succeed. That’s why we regularly request their feedback on our performance. Read what customers have to say about us.

“I am responsible for meeting specific cost-savings criteria every year. Our last multi-year contract with Hodell-Natco saved us almost $400,000 in hard and soft costs. Whether it’s through year-end rebates, or other proactive measures, Hodell-Natco is always looking for ways to help us be more efficient.”

Robert O.
Purchasing Manager

In 60 days, we transitioned our complete fastener business from an incumbent supplier to Hodell-Natco with minimal transition costs. We have benefited from the ease of doing business and wealth of fastener knowledge provided by the staff at Hodell-Natco, while still receiving a competitive market price. Hodell-Natco will work hard to be flexible with the requests of their customers, and innovative to find solutions to problems that arise. The responsiveness will be first-class, and their “on call” employees will be speedy, polite, and detail-oriented.

Joe B.

Whenever Hodell-Natco said they would do something, they did it. Many companies make promises, but Hodell-Natco stands behind their promises.

Thomas S.

Depending upon our project requirements, we can have a very small order or a very large order, but every order receives the same attention. Usually the smaller order is needed on a rush basis and we receive it when required. Thank you very much for the excellent service, pricing and knowledge that your company has provided.

Jeff H.
Director of Sales

Since material prices are constantly increasing, it can be challenging to accurately approximate our costs when bidding for jobs. Hodell-Natco is a preferred supplier of ours because of their fair pricing strategies. Even when prices go up, they will hold their pricing for us for up to a year. Hodell-Natco helps take the stress out of our bidding process.

Bob C.
Director of Production

Great products and even better service. Hands down, Hodell-Natco is the best fastener company in the business!

Josh C.
Sales Representative

As with any large and complex construction project, we encountered several problems throughout the building process. What I liked most about working with Hodell-Natco was their unique problem-solving capabilities and their willingness to help – no matter what the problem was.

Gene M.
Regional Sales Manager

The personalized service I get from Hodell-Natco makes them stand out among other fastener suppliers. I don’t have to wait for days to get a response; they get back to me immediately! I truly appreciate their quick response time and how they help our company live up to the service standards we strive to provide our customers.

Sandy P.
Materials Manager

Hodell-Natco consistently provides us with the absolute highest quality fasteners, and at the best value. Their sales and service teams are very knowledgeable and respond quickly to our high standards, which assist us in building the absolute best log homes!

Doug T.
VP of Manufacturing

Hodell-Natco is everything you want a supplier to be– flexible, efficient, honest, and always “right on”. Based on our special requests, they have bent over backwards to do things they weren’t used to doing to serve our needs. On a scale from 1 to 10, Hodell-Natco is definitely a 10!

Jeff S.
Procurement Agent

Hodell-Natco is by far one of the best customer service organizations around. The sales staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and really wants to understand our business and meet our needs.

Bruce S.

I’m amazed by Hodell-Natco’s exceptional sourcing capabilities! Whenever we run out of product, they’re able to get what we need as soon as possible– often times as quickly as the next day. We have been consistently pleased with their resourcefulness and their fast response times.

Alex O.
Purchasing Manager
Hodell-Natco - Testimonials
We’re proud every time we help a customer succeed. Email marketing@hodell-natco.com if you’d like to share your testimonial.