In-Plant Specialists

When you partner with Hodell-Natco, the productivity and reliability of your supply chain become our top priorities. We have a team of personable and seasoned field experts available to be on-site managing your most complex inventory demands. Our field experts regularly interact with your plant personnel to understand and quickly react to your changing needs. They also track, order, restock, and organize your inventory. Whether it’s replenishing assembly line bins, working on sub-assemblies, or communicating with your associates, you can rely on our field experts to proactively seek ways to streamline your processes and help you achieve your production goals.

Bolster Communication

Our VMI Specialists go beyond stocking bins. They build relationships with those on your plant floor to become acutely in tune with their needs.

Hodell-Natco - In-Plant Specialists - Bolster Communication

Enhance Stocking Technology

We elevate standard barcode scanning with Specialists trained to visually audit stock and make recommendations that improve efficiency and avoid stock-outs.

Hodell-Natco - In-Plant Specialists - Enhance Stocking Technology

Foster Efficiency

Keeping inventory replenished and organized means your production team finds items quickly and never needs to slow down to look for parts.

Hodell-Natco - In-Plant Specialists - Foster Efficiency
What Customers Say About Our Services

“I can’t say enough about Hodell-Natco’s VMI Specialist. His eyes are always looking for ways to make our business better. He’s looking for things that we just don’t have time to look for. He’s a great guy!”

Robert F.
Junior Buyer