Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)

Partnering with an inventory management expert is the most efficient way to lower inventory levels without risking a stock outage. We combine your inventory usage data with our sourcing resources, supply expertise, and the latest scanning technologies to minimize your inventory costs while maximizing the efficiency of your production.

Reduce Inventory Cost

Through careful analysis and ongoing monitoring of your usage data, we keep stock levels within the min/max amounts necessary for your operations to flow smoothly without added costs.

Hodell-Natco - Vendor-Managed Inventory - Reduce Inventory Cost

Avoid Stock-Outs

When we manage your fastener inventory, you never have to worry about a stock out slowing down or stopping your production.

Hodell-Natco - Vendor-Managed Inventory - Avoid Stock-Outs

Improve Efficiency

Using VMI as a supply solution means you can focus your energy on production and processes that add to your bottom line.

Hodell-Natco - Vendor-Managed Inventory - Improve Efficiency

Types of VMI Solutions

Bin Stocking

Scanning technology and custom barcoding allow our VMI Specialists to keep tight controls on your min/max bin inventory levels whether located at your in-plant inventory supermarket or a point-of-use station.


Using a 2-bin system, we eliminate the chance of stock-out. When the first of two bins is empty, inventory from the second bin is used while our VMI Specialists are visually cued to initiate the replenishment of the first bin.

Point of Use

This inventory solution enhances the efficiency of assembly lines. By strategically locating inventory bins, our VMI Specialists replenish stock so that it is readily available in the assembly area where it is used.

In-Plant Warehousing

A high-volume usage solution where our team is dedicated to working daily at your facility. Essentially, we provide a mini, in-plant warehouse specific to your inventory needs and combine that with full-time VMI Specialists to dramatically improve your lead times, inventory turns, and overall efficiency.

The Hodell-Natco VMI Advantage 2021
What Customers Say About Our Services

“My main reason for switching to a VMI program was to avoid stock-outs. I have so many things to deal with on a daily basis. I don’t want to hear that I can’t get the parts I need. Hodell-Natco is so good at managing our inventory. We use 1000s of SKUS of hardware and I never have to worry about stock outs. When we launched the VMI program, Hodell-Natco analyzed our usage data, calculated ideal bin sizes, and determined the most efficient bin locations on our plant floor. Their VMI expert is here weekly and we love him! We operate on a JIT (Just-in-Time) inventory system. No parts go unused for over 3-4 days. Hodell-Natco does an awesome job of making sure we do not carry excess inventory. This maximizes space on our shop floor, keeps our costs down and helps us to be extremely efficient.”

Robert O.
Purchasing Manger

“We manufacture high-voltage electrical equipment. My job is to make sure we never run out of hardware during the production process. Hodell-Natco developed a customized vendor-managed inventory program for us so that I never have to worry about running out of inventory. Twice a week they stock anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 different parts for us using a “two-bin system”. The “two-bin system” ensures we have plenty of back-up parts in case of fluctuations in inventory demand. Hodell-Natco monitors our inventory usage and automatically refills our bins using an open purchase order. The entire process is seamless! I would recommend Hodell-Natco’s vendor-managed inventory programs to any company whose business demands efficient and reliable stocking service. They always bend over backwards to make sure my business succeeds and I never run out of parts.”

Gary N.
Materials Scheduler