Kitting & Assembly

Hodell-Natco’s operations team is skilled and experienced at providing comprehensive, customized kitting and assembly services. We save you time and eliminate labor-intensive work and costs by packaging customized hardware kits and supplying custom hardware assemblies. No matter the parts or quantities, we have the packaging materials, custom labeling capabilities, and even color-coded solutions to meet your needs.

Save Time

Speed up job site productivity and assembly line efficiency by having the exact hardware kits or assemblies where you need them.

Hodell-Natco - Kitting & Assembly - Save Time

Reduce Labor Costs

Our skilled labor can lighten this burden and the expense so your workforce can focus on production or construction.

Hodell-Natco - Kitting & Assembly - Reduce Labor Costs

Meet Customized Needs

We can be as specific with package labeling & materials, container size, and on-site delivery as you need.

Hodell-Natco - Kitting & Assembly - Meet Customized Needs
What Customers Say About Our Services

“Hodell-Natco barcodes and labels thousands of different parts for our warehouse on a bi-weekly basis. Our facility is so large that parts need to be stocked in many different locations within our warehouse based on our production needs. Hodell-Natco devised a customized labeling system where each package is marked with critical information like part number, quantity, date, and a specific location within our warehouse where it is to be shelved. Hodell-Natco is so highly organized and flexible in serving our needs; they make ordering and stocking huge quantities of hardware easy… the way it should be.”

Gary N.
Materials Scheduler

“Hodell-Natco agreed to purchase, stock, and kit our shippable hardware components. They set-up a process that handled our orders and met our due dates. Over the past year, we changed our expectations many times. But each time, they stepped up to take on the new challenges and provided realistic timelines for implementing the changes. Even though we asked Hodell-Natco for additional packaging requirements, their on-time performance actually improved throughout the year and allowed us to reduce our lead-times!”

Thomas S.