Class C Consolidation

While necessary for production and assembly, Class C items can be the most frustrating type of inventory to manage. If your manufacturing business requires a large number of these low-cost items to operate efficiently, maintaining tight inventory controls can quickly become counter-productive. Fortunately, at Hodell-Natco, we are experts at streamlining your supply chain and reducing your overall costs of Class C items like machined components, electrical components, metal stampings, or other assembly components. In addition to stocking thousands of fasteners and related components, we maintain strong relationships with domestic and overseas suppliers. By leveraging our sourcing and stocking capabilities, we can meet your customized demand for any Class C item.

Streamline Procurement

You focus on procuring more strategic Class A and B items while we use our procurement expertise to handle the cumbersome, but vital Class C components.

Hodell-Natco - Class C Consolidation - Streamline Procurement

Save Time and Costs

Sourcing low-cost, non-strategic items inherent to your business consumes your valuable time and resources. We analyze your needs and make the most efficient buys on your behalf.

Hodell-Natco - Class C Consolidation - Save Time and Costs

Global Sourcing

Our strength is in our relationships with domestic and overseas suppliers of Class C items. We excel at getting the products you need on-time and at the best price.

Hodell-Natco - Class C Consolidation - Leverage Supplier Relationships