The Importance of ISO 9001:2008

Quality Management Systems (QMS) may seem like boring stuff on the surface. That is, until you consider that the overriding reason we put them in place at Hodell-Natco is to efficiently and effectively serve our customers. Keeping each of our six locations ISO certified every year is no small task! Reviewing customer feedback, auditing our processes, and continuously striving to improve our processes are an ongoing effort with the goal of always improving customer satisfaction. The direct impact to our customers is seen in the following metrics:

  • On time deliveries. Our goal is 95% or higher! This means our customers’ receive their products on time so work flows are not delayed and manufacturing processes can be reliably scheduled.
  • Reliable fill rates. Again, our goal is 95% or higher. This means all needed product is shipped together so work flows are not delayed and manufacturing stays on schedule.

So the fact that Hodell-Natco received its first ISO certification in 1998, and the fact that we have been able to retain this certification every year since, speaks to our commitment to customers. But the end result makes it all worth it! Having a QMS in place translates to consistent product accuracy, verifiable product quality, and on-time deliveries. Ultimately, Hodell-Natco has fewer product returns, fewer complaints, and happier customers than our competition.

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