Stand Out with One-Day Delivery

Experience One-Day Delivery with Hodell-Natco

It can be tricky to differentiate yourself when you distribute products like fasteners and Class C components. While most fastener distributors tout their customer service or their quality nuts and bolts, Hodell-Natco goes beyond the norm and exceeds customer expectations with our same-day and next-day deliveries. In a world where consumers are becoming remarkably impatient (Think two-day shipping for practically anything you want with Amazon Prime!), it’s a significant benefit that we can offer speedy deliveries.

Stand Out with One-Day Delivery - Hodell-Natco

How do we do it? Hodell-Natco specifically targets customers within a 250-mile radius of our locations. Doing this ensures our ability to provide expedited delivery services. If we need to service a customer who falls outside of our traditional geography, we offer precisely scheduled vendor-managed inventory (VMI) programs. We’ll even go as far as opening satellite locations to accommodate a customer’s delivery needs!

With a supplier like Hodell-Natco, you can expect increased productivity on your production floor. No more part shortages. No more waiting. No downtime or lost wages. By consistently providing this level of reliability we nurture our customer’s trust and secure long-term relationships. This type of just-in-time (JIT) delivery service maximizes inventory management too. Customers don’t need to waste money or warehouse space storing fasteners when they are delivered as needed to their production floor. It becomes easy to see why same-day and next-day deliveries separate Hodell-Natco from its competitors. When you combine cost-effectiveness with improved supply chain efficiency, the level of delivery service we provide just makes sense.