Supporting Customers During COVID-19 Challenges

The Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is impacting the way all of us live and work. Hodell-Natco is actively working to serve our customers while being vigilant about the safety of our employees and business partners. Please be aware that we are considered an “ESSENTIAL” business and we will remain open. Our company directly supports clients in the infrastructure, power grid, medical, military and critical manufacturing sectors. Therefore, it is imperative that we continue to support them through this global crisis.

We have implemented many measures, including CDC guidelines, to keep our workforce safe without sacrificing the way we supply our customers. When possible, our staff will be working from home; however, our warehouse operations will continue to be on site and we will still be receiving deliveries as usual. Our goal is to support the success of customers who are actively working to ensure we win the battle over COVID-19. Thank you for your support and understanding. Be safe!