Tenacity in Sourcing for Manufacturers

Sourcing Those Hard-to-Find Items…

Sourcing hard-to-find fasteners is not a task for your average buyer or procurement specialist. So when Hodell-Natco’s manufacturing partners request that we add non-standard or unusual SKUs to their purchase orders, we’re proud to say that we don’t miss a beat! Our Purchasing Team has a large and diverse base of suppliers at our fingertips. We maintain strong relationships with these suppliers so that we can call on them in a customer’s time of need. Our Purchasing Team also has an exceptional depth of knowledge regarding industry parts— even for those hard-to-find items that require extra sourcing capabilities.

Tenacity In Sourcing for Manufacturers - Hodell-Natco

Yes, there are occasions when we need time to research the most strategic source for a non-standard SKU. But you can rest assured that we will locate it in a timely manner and at the most economical price point. Of course, there could always be that rare instance where an item simply cannot be located due to its unique nature. But Hodell-Natco does not give up! We offer our partners an extra line of security — our value-added engineering services. We’ll collaborate with your engineers to assist in the design and specification development of a part should it be impossible to track down. Never hesitate to approach us with innovative product designs or tell us you’re evolving your manufacturing processes. We take great pleasure in displaying our sourcing wherewithal to satisfy our customers’ diverse procurement needs.