Is Vendor-Managed Inventory Right for You? Part 3

Is Vendor-Managed Inventory Right for You? Part 3

Is Hodell-Natco the right VMI partner for you?

In the previous Parts 1 and 2 of our fastener VMI discussion, we covered the benefits of a VMI system and what it takes to implement one. Now we’ll dive into why Hodell-Natco is the right VMI partner for your fastener inventory-management needs.

At Hodell-Natco, we never attempt to recommend a “one-size-fits-all” VMI solution to our manufacturing customer’s. Each operation is different, and therefore requires a different inventory-management solution made of different products, replenishment frequencies, stock levels, and various services. Some fastener suppliers will try to sell you on a VMI program with the sole purpose of increasing their sales. They come in your warehouse, stock your shelves and get out. But do they regularly communicate with the people in your shop? Are they proactive about recognizing potential pitfalls? Do they look for ways to add ongoing value to your bottom line?

Hodell-Natco takes pride in our VMI partnerships. We genuinely try to learn our VMI partners’ businesses. We look for ways to provide solutions that add value, save time and generate real dollar savings to their bottom line. We customize a fluid solution to their inventory management needs that is constantly being reviewed, communicated and improved upon. Our manufacturing partners receive detailed reporting on inventory movement, cost savings realized, and suggestions for further areas of improvement. Hodell-Natco’s VMI teams are uniquely dedicated, experienced, and highly responsive to our customer’s needs.

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